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Our Company

We are a startup active in the field of batteries, developing a solution for their non-invasive capacity restoration and internal health diagnostics. Our capacity restoration method is based on applying electrical impulses into the battery. This "optimized charging" can clean the internal environment of the battery and restore the capacity.
This approach is well-known and tried-out for lead-acid batteries. Our intention is to extend our technology to cover the lithium batteries segment as well. Our long-term vision is to develop a highly-effective technology for capacity restoration of both main battery chemistries - lead-acid and lithium.
An important part of our solution is data-driven battery diagnostics applicable for both lead-acid and lithium batteries. Here we try to develop methods for battery internal health deep diagnostics, battery health predictions and data-driven State of Health and State of Charge estimates. Our intention is to incorporate these analytic abilities into our capacity restoration process and make it as efficient as possible. However, we also want to enable the use of the analytics tools separately and independently, outside the regeneration process.
Battery capacity restoration technology is generally expensive, investment-demanding technology and it is far from being available to all customer segments. Our company is addressing this challenge by our "Hardware as a Service" business model, which we consider to be one of our biggest innovations. This approach is based on providing our devices to customers on regular monthly payments instead of direct purchase. So, in addition to the technical point of view where we strive to develop the most efficient technology for battery regeneration on the market, we also focus on the implementation of a solution that will be as accessible as possible for a wide range of customers. We strive to provide this technology to end consumers in a way which ensures profit for our customers, with minimal risk and no large upfront investments.

The company

E-Vision Systems, s.r.o.
Dr.Vladimira Clementisa 10
821 02 Bratislava, Slovakia
Ph: 00421 905 500 222
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Main milestones


Device Gen II. - RegInd prototype

Second generation of our devices for large traction/forklift batteries. Actual TRL is 5 and we are working hard to push the development forward.


Pilot project for Slovnaft

Despite COVID pandemic we realised a pilot project for Slovanft oil refinery at the beginning of 2020.


Device Gen II. - RegTel

The first of our significantly enhanced Generation II capacity restoration devices. RegTel is focused on capacity restoration for backup batteries up to 500Ah. The Pilot project in Slovnaft refinery was realized using these devices, which are TRL 7 currently.


3 000 batteries processed for ORANGE

We reached the milestone of processed 3 000 backup batteries for telecom operator ORANGE. 


Device Gen I. - ver 1.5

Our enhanced device came live - the Generation I - ver.1.5. The device was build on experiences gained from our first model ver.1.0.


Pilot project for Slovak Railways

On a sample of approximately 150 backup batteries, we documented the benefits and financial savings of battery capacity restoration in the Slovak Ralways environment.


Development of our first device

Our first own regenerator - Generation I. - ver.1.0, saw the light of day at the beginning of 2017. It was immediately fully involved in the regeneration of batteries for the telecom operator ORANGE.


Start of our project

E-Vision started its journey in 2015. In the very beginning our goal was to provided capacity restoration services to large companies.