Business model


Our "Hardware as a Service" approach

We do NOT sell our devices!
We provide devices to our customers on the monthly payments basis. The account in our Battery IoT platform is included. Our approach is truly unique in this area and brings a number of benefits. It allows our customers to respond flexibly to their current needs in the field of battery capacity recovery, with minimal investment load and virtually no risk.

The product

Our product are the devices connected to our Battery IoT platform and provided to customers. Our customers are utilizing devices in accordance with their needs and pay us a rental fee on the monthly basis.


Purchasing price of our competitors technology range from 5.000€ to 35.000€ per unit. These devices are really investment intensive and many customers either can not afford to buy them, or they simply do not have enough batteries to fully utilize them and ensure their financial payback.
In contrary to this, monthly rental price of our devices ranges in the hundreds of € - even for our most powerful and expensive models.
With us customers can flexibly respond to their needs. They can return us devices when not needed anymore, or vice versa - they can take more devices for the high-workload seasons.
No resolute leasing contracts with long-term obligations, no unused machine time of purchased devices in low-work seasons and the financial losses associated with it, no hidden fees.
Always the most recent hardware
Customer gets always the most recent hardware and software without the need for paying any extra fees.
OPEX instead of CAPEX
This benefit from an accounting point of view will be appreciated by all managers in corporate companies. Obtaining the approval of a series of small operating expenses is usually much easier than to have one large investment expenditure approved.

Distribution of our devices

We reach our end-customers preferably not directly but through a network of local partners. We provide our devices to the partners, which act as a local point of sale and point-of-contact for end-customers.
The generated sales are shared with our partners.

Partners wanted!

Would you like to become our distributor on your local market?

We are looking for serious and reliable companies active in the field of batteries or related industries, who are interested to distribute our devices on their local market. We will provide you our devices and you will act as a point-of-sale and point-of-contact on your local market.


  • innovative technology with clear value for customer
  • no large upfront investments
  • long-term cooperation

Our expectations

  • you have (or will acquire) customers and will take a good care of them
  • you will distribute our devices


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