Our Battery Regeneration Services

Our company provides a Lead-Acid battery regeneration services.

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    Our Competences

    We are dedicated to the regeneration of lead-acid batteries for several years. We have experience with large projects. We have our own technology that we can adapt to the needs of the project / customer
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    Our Business Model

    We only bill for truly recovered/regenerated batteries. If it happens that the battery can not be regenerated, we charge NOTHING. Even we always complete a full maintenance service on the battery and the battery goes through the full regeneration process.
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    What is Included?

    Battery regeneration is a complex process of battery revitalization. In addition to regeneration itself it includes a complete service procedure. Learn More Here
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    The Place of Realisation

    We do our best to make our regeneration technology as mobile as possible. Regeneration of most types of batteries can therefore be effectively carried out outside of our specialized workshop - for example at the customer's site.
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    The Guarantee

    Usually we provide an one year guarantee on regenerated batteries.
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    Price is subject to individual agreement. Usually it depends on the type and quantity of regenerated batteries, as well as other project particular circumstances that determine cost items such as logistics expenses. Contact us for more details.

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