Do you have a large battery fleet of any size to manage? Or, are you a battery-related services provider?

Doy you need to setup a battery regeneration workshop?


If so, we are here to assist you! Our offer:

  • Proven, effective regeneration technology
  • Powerful management software, internet based, adaptable to your needs
  • Complex and comprehensive reporting system
  • Solutions for :
    • backup batteries and forklift batteries
    • battery fleet owners and services providers
  • Industry Top-Rated Battery Regeneration Technology
  • High working efficiency
  • Autonomous operation, none or little operator interventions needed
  • Low operational expenses
  • High regeneration efficiency - capacity increase rate
  • Manageable remotely over the Internet
  • Management Software
  • Enables automation of regeneration workflow
  • Allows for large-scale regeneration projects
  • Scalable and adaptable to the customer´s needs
  • Enables management of entire lifecycle of the battery
  • Complex and Comprehensive Reporting
  • System stores a wide range of the data measured and collected during the regeneration
  • Reports are being created automatically after each regeneration and stored in database
  • Clear presentation of the data in charts, tables, etc.
  • Reports can be displayed in a web browser or exported into several formats (pdf, excel)
  • Hierarchical access system allows to provide access to customers data directly for each of the customer
  • Solutions for All Customer Needs
  • End-customers - large or small battery fleet owners
  • Battery - related services providers
  • Forklift and related battery types
  • Backup batteries (Telecom, UPS, etc)

Key Aspects
The most important things for your success

Any investments into technology must be cost effective and have to pay-out in a reasonable time-period. What are the most important aspects of battery regeneration in general?

  • Lead-Acid Battery Regeneration Work Productivity

    Regeneration Work Productivity

    Reducing the need for human intervention during the regeneration process, simplifying the regeneration by reducing the number and types of devices involved in the process, minimizing the unproductive time caused by machine downtime between stages within the regeneration process, reducing the overall duration of the regeneration process.
  • Lead-Acid Battery Regeneration Effectiveness

    Regeneration Effectiveness

    Improving the regeneration success rate, increasing the ability to regenerate battery capacity.

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