Lead-Acid Battery Regeneration

Capacity Increase

Capacity can be increased up to 100% of nominal values

Lifespan Prolongation

Battery life prolongation even beyound projected time

Money Savings

Extending existing batteries life leads to delayed need for new ones

Environment Save

Conservation of natural resources and pollution prevention

Regeneration Technology


Lead-Acid battery regeneration devices with unique features - result of our experiences and long-term development effort

Regeneration Effectiveness

Our technology brings a real and significant capacity increase on the batteries

Work Productivity

Autonomous operation requires none or just minimal interventions of the technician

Deep Diagnostics

Analysis and detection of internal state of the batteries

Detailed Reports

Comprehensive and detailed reports of battery health


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    Regeneration Technology

    Proven, effective and productive regeneration technology. Highly autonomous operation requires minimal interventions from the side of technician. This ensures high working efficiency with very good return on investments.
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    Complex, comprehensive and transparent reporting. System collects a wide range of data during the regeneration process, which is saved into the database. All information can be displayed in clear way in tables, charts, etc.
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    Management Software

    Powerful management software enables to control almost any part of the regeneration process. Most of the functionalities are manageable remotely, over the Internet. Technician can be notified by e-mail or SMS message about all major system events.
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    Complex Solutions

    We are able to provide a complex solution for practically all types of Lead-Acid batteries (backup or forklift battery) and their utilisation/business area (battery service provider company or large battery fleet owner) ...


By Battery Type


Traction Batteries

Forklift batteries of any voltage, capacity or construction, flooded or sealed.


Backup Batteries

Telecom, UPS, Photovoltaic or any other monoblocks, flooded or sealed.

Starting battery

Starting Batteries

Starting batteries for cars, trucks, busses and other commercial vehicles.

By Customer Type


Battery Fleet Owners

Any end - user, whether a small company or a multinational concern, who owns and operates any number of batteries.


Service Providers

A company who provides any battery - related services to the customers - end users.

Other Services

battery buyout
Used Battery Buyouts

We buy used batteries for a price of lead scrap


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Second-Hand Batteries

Sales of first-class refurbished batteries

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Rental Services
Leasing Services

Batteries and regeneration technology lease


Rental Services
Rental Services

Batteries and regeneration technology rentals

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